Do's and Don'ts

  • DO review the monthly statements that you receive from your creditors as well as the monthly statement that we send to you.
  • DO remember that the estimated creditor balances shown on the monthly statement that we send to you may differ from the balances shown on your creditor statements. If the balances vary greatly, please send us your most current statements so that we can update our records.
  • DO inform us of any change in your name, address, or telephone number.
  • DO inform us of any late or over limit fees being assessed.
  • DO NOT miss payments.
  • DO NOT panic if you get a creditor call-refer these calls to us.
  • DO NOT make payments outside of the program.
  • DO send in extra payments at any time if you find that you have some extra money. Just send in the payment specifying which creditor(s) you would like the money to be applied to.