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Posted 5/24/2019 by Tom Coates
Can Medical Debt Affect my Credit Report?
Posted 4/11/2019 by Melissa W
How Are Your Numbers Looking?
Posted 2/23/2018 by Linda J
How Do I Stay Out of Debt?
Posted 1/24/2018 by Melissa W
College Student Financial Education 101
Posted 9/5/2017 by Melissa W

Student Loan Debt
Posted 2/1/2017 by Melissa W
How much is too much?
Posted 10/4/2016 by Melissa W
What do we do?
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Kids Activities on a Budget
Posted 4/14/2016 by Melissa W


2016 Financial Goals
Posted 2/3/2016 by Melissa W
Tax Preparation - Make it a Priority
Posted 1/29/2015 by Rich Piatt

Making Savings Work In Your Budget
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School Year Budget Considerations
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Make the Vacation Relaxing…before and after the travel
Posted 7/18/2014 by Rich Piatt

Make the Vacation Relaxing…before and after the travel



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Budgeting for the holidays
Posted 11/27/2013 by Rich P.
Budgeting is a large enough challenge, but during the holidays additional strains to our personal expenses occur.
Protecting Your Credit Score
Posted 8/29/2013 by Rich P.
A Certified Credit Counselor is an excellent source to assist if any interpretation of the credit report is needed and also to provide insight into how to build and keep your credit report in good standing.
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Advantages of Personal Budget Consultation
Posted 6/21/2013 by Rich P
Several articles, books and radio talk shows have all dealt with 'personal budgeting' and finance in the recent years, especially since the 2008 financial crisis. 
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