Client Review

Here are some helpful reminders for your Debt Management Plan.

  • Please remember to watch your creditor statements to make sure the interest rate is correct and no fees are being charged. You can compare your creditor statements to the statement we send you. If you are not receiving our statement via e-mail or postal mail please contact us.
  • Past due amounts, even though while set up on a debt management program, can be reported to the credit bureau. Let us know right away if you see any past due amounts.
  • You can always make extra payments at any time. Contact our office to set up an automatic withdraw or include a note with your mailed in payment.
  • If you are having problems with your budget please let us know and we can have you talk to a counselor.
  • Remember to send creditor statements in every 6 months; we like to look at them as well.
  • Do no Hesitate to call at 515.287.6428 or 800.955.5765 for any concerns or questions.