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Lower and Consolidate Payments
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Consumer Credit was the best decision we ever made! We now only have about 9 months left on the program (after 2 ½ years) and will be completely credit card free! I never thought I would see the day. Consumer Credit saved us from financial crisis, and now in 9 months we will be able to start putting that money away for our kids so they hopefully don’t end up in the same situation that we did.

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Let Our Professional Credit Counselors:

  • Help you learn better money management skills.
  • Find solutions to your current financial problems.
  • Determine your bankruptcy alternatives.
  • Develop, for you, a personalized debt consolidation program.

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Debt amount $20,000
WITHOUT Consumer Credit of Des Moines
24% Interest Rate
39 Years to Pay off
$39,555 Interest Paid
WITH Consumer Credit of Des Moines
6% Interest Rate
4.5 Years to Pay off
$2,899 Interest Paid
*Individual results will vary
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