Summer Fun That Won’t Break the Bank
Posted 6/20/2024 by Teresa Baumann

Summer Fun That Won’t Break the Bank

Summer is here!  The days are longer, the pools are open and the kids are out of school.  We all want to have a little extra fun in the summer, but what if the extra money isn’t there? 

Check out these options for fun that are low-cost or free! 

  • Visit your local library for books and movies.  Bring your kids to a story-time or special event the library is hosting.
  • Check to see if your local library has an Adventure Pass to get into local attractions for free  (West Des Moines Iowa Residents: Adventure Pass)
  • Go swimming in a lake close to home.  Pack snacks and lunches.
  • Find a new park(s) to visit
  • Go hiking on a scenic trail
  • Go for a long bike ride
  • Take your young kids to feed ducks/geese at a nearby pond.
  • Make ice cream sundaes with fun toppings at home

The options are endless for fun summer activities that will not break the bank!  If you have kids, get them involved in the process as well.  Write out all the ideas you can think of and try to do at least one each week.

Happy Summer!