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Can Medical Debt Affect my Credit Report?
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College Student Financial Education 101
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Student Loan Debt
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2016 Financial Goals
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Protecting Your Credit Score
Posted 8/29/2013 by Rich P.
A Certified Credit Counselor is an excellent source to assist if any interpretation of the credit report is needed and also to provide insight into how to build and keep your credit report in good standing.
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Car Financing
Posted 7/11/2012 by leeann
The amount of money lenders are giving people for auto loans is at an all time high. Could this be a good indicator for a growing economy or a scary sign of what's to come?
Should You Pay for Credit Repair?
Posted 1/31/2012 by leeann
You’ve got strong incentive to make your credit report look as good as possible. A great credit history means a higher credit score, which in turn means more borrowing options at better rates, potentially lower insurance rates, and other benefits.

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Tips for Senior Citizens
Posted 10/24/2011 by Tom
Tips for Senior Citizens and their children.
Who's Responsible After Spouse's Death?
Posted 10/20/2011 by Tom
Who’s Responsible After Spouse’s Death?
Q: Am I legally responsible for credit card debt that was only in my deceased husband’s name?

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Fair Credit Reporting Act
Posted 10/19/2011 by Tom

Q: Can you please explain the Fair Credit Reporting Act?