Debunking Myths About Debt Management Plans
Posted 5/21/2024 by Lisa Ohnemus

Debunking Myths About Debt Management Plans

Debt management plans (DMPs) are a popular tool for individuals looking to regain control of their finances. However,...

Mental Health Awareness Month
Posted 5/9/2024 by Lisa Ohnemus

Mental Health Awareness Month provides an opportunity to focus on the various aspects of well-being, including financial health, which can significantly...

What We Learned in 2020
Posted 12/30/2020 by Linda Jacob

2020 – What We Learned

By Linda Jacob, AFC®, CFP®


The year is almost over!  So many of us are looking forward to 2021 after making it through 2020.  But as we look...

What you need to know about Debt Collectors!
Posted 11/6/2020 by Linda Jacob

What You Need to Know About Debt Collectors

By Linda Jacob, AFC®, CFP®

If you are being contacted by debt collectors for past due loans, it’s important to know what they can and can not do.  The Federal...

We aren't just for people in trouble!
Posted 10/12/2020 by Linda Jacob

We Aren’t Just for People in Trouble

By Linda Jacob, AFC®, CFP®

If you are able to make your monthly payments on your credit cards, but the balances just don’t seem to go anywhere, we are the program for...

The Best Kept Secret ...How does a Debt Management Plan Work?
Posted 9/9/2020 by Linda Jacob

How Does A Debt Management Plan Work?

by Linda Jacob 

When you enter into a Debt Management Plan or DMP, you will make a monthly payment to your DMP company, who will in turn send a payment to each of your...





Action Plan for Getting out of Debt
Posted 11/19/2019 by Melissa Winger


Action Plan for Getting Out of Debt

by Melissa Winger 


A popular question that we hear is……”How do I get out of Credit Card Debt?”  

The complex answer is...

A Certified Credit Counselor is an excellent source to assist if any interpretation of the credit report is needed and also to provide insight into how to build and keep your credit report in good standing.
Protecting Your Credit Score
Posted 8/29/2013 by Rich Piatt


by Rich Piatt

The definition of a Credit...