What do we do?
Posted 7/7/2016 by Melissa Winger

What do you do?

by Melissa Winger


We get asked this question several times per day. Potential clients call and ask. Friends, family, acquaintances ask. “What is it exactly that you do?” Of course, we give them the benefits of non profit credit counseling in a nutshell:  budgeting, interest rate relief, and payment savings. We customize savings plans for unsecured debt.

What do we really do though?   

We change how people live. We help people get back on their feet. We stop the debt cycle. We teach people that there is light at the end of the tunnel of debt. We provide a confidential, non-biased listening ear when people are too embarrassed to discuss their finances with anyone else. We are a life raft when a person may feel that they are sinking in high interest rate debt. We let people know that they aren’t alone. We are a kind voice in the midst of not so nice collection calls. We educate young people about delayed gratification in an instant gratification world. We offer honesty. We teach about the importance of savings. We partner with clients to repay their debt in an honorable fashion.

We don’t judge. We offer hope. We change lives.

This is what we do.