You have to file bankruptcy? We can help.
Posted 6/13/2013 by Lisa Ohnemus

Bankruptcy Filing

by Lisa Ohnemus

Consumer Credit is here to help you with the somewhat complex and confusing bankruptcy process. Our certified and experienced counselors will assist you in the mandated counseling that is required to file bankruptcy. Consumer Credit offers the pre-bankruptcy counseling as well as the second post-bankruptcy education requirement after you file.

We offer pre-bankruptcy counseling by appointment in our office or over the phone. The post-bankruptcy education is offered through our online course called "Money in Motion." We will work together to provide the bankruptcy services needed to ultimately have your bankruptcy discharged.

Approved and ready to help with bankruptcy counseling in Iowa and Minnesota.
Trying to make sense of it all? We are trained professionals and are an approved credit counseling agency with the US Trustee Program.

To speak to a certified credit counselor please call 800-955-5765 / 515-287-6428.

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