More Holiday Money-Saving Ideas
Posted 12/7/2011 by leeann

More Holiday Money-Saving Tips

This time of year food ads are promoting items that you will be using for the big dinner, get-togethers and baking for the holidays. Why not stock up on those that you will be able to use after the holidays? A few of the items being offered at decent prices include flour, chicken broth, coffee, yams, canned and frozen vegetables, crackers, apples and canned beans.

While you are shopping for the holiday meals, pick up some extra ingredients for yourselves. This way, you are locking in on current prices, investing in food futures. Naturally, you want to look for things that have a long shelf life.

If you have the extra food in your pantry or freezer at home, you have the makings for lunch or dinner – skip the costly fast food. Better for your health and your wallet!

Menu idea: Canned tomatoes and beans can be turned into a 20-minute chili that will warm you up!  Or, you can make pancakes or waffles for the “breakfast supper” with all that flour.

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