Thanksgiving on a Budget
Posted 11/1/2011 by Lee Ann Coates

Thanksgiving on a Budget

by Lee Ann Coates

Plan your menu according to what is in season and your produce will be less expensive.  Planning is also key in making the grocery list and sticking to it.  Don't go for the expensive seasoned bird you order from a specialty place, instead opting for the supermarket bird. (12-14 lbs will serve 8 people).  Cook from scratch, making your own pie crust, cranberry sauce, and gravy rather than opening a box or can.
Bake your own dinner rolls and pies.  Frozen vegetables can be tastier and cheaper than out-of-season fresh ones.  Be willing to make adjustments in your recipes; you can use water for canned stock in a soup, use only salt and pepper, skipping the purchase of numerous herbs and spices that might be listed in a recipe. No one will notice.  

Another idea: Plan to have a POTLUCK. Just be sure to find out or assign what everyone is bringing to dinner.

Bringing family and friends together to give THANKS should be the theme.  What you serve for dinner doesn't need to be the focus.