“Consumer Credit was best decision we ever made! We now only have about 9 months left on the program (after 2 ½ years) and will be completely credit card free! I never thought I would see the day. Consumer Credit saved us from financial crisis, and now in 9 months we will be able to start putting that money away for our kids so they hopefully don’t end up in the same situation that we did.”


We have the highest rating possible with the BBB of an A+ rating. Our debt consolidation and repayment program may include the following:

+ Reduction in minimum payments
+ Reduced or eliminated interest rates
+ Elimination of late or over-limit fees
+ Re-aging of accounts (creditors considering your accounts current)
+ Elimination of collection calls
+ Our Certified Credit Counselors - They are professional financial advisors, not sales people. Honest, trustworthy advice is what you need and deserve, not a sales pitch

Financial Calculator

Please use the calculators below as you need. Consumer Credit of Des Moines assumes no liability for financial or other decisions made on the basis of information on this site or links from this site. Please contact one of our agents to discuss your specific needs.


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